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It is alarming that having been drinking so much coffee over the years, the depth of knowledge explored is still minimal. There’s still so much to learn about the prevention of chemical contamination in the growing process of coffee beans , the over-use of chemical additives to the manufacturing of coffee products, the tendency to add artificial flavour enhancers and additives in the process and even into water.

According to professional roasters: coffee beans cultivated above 800m above sea level are considered as wild coffee. However, those coffee which are harvested in the neatly lined farms, twice or thrice every year, are not considered our blend.

Our blend of coffee beans – harvested once per year in primitive natural forests, at an altitude of 1800 m above sea level, on the fertile slopes of volcanoes. Our unique blend is a preservative-free, pollution-free, chemical-free, artificial-flavouring-free, rare, natural product .

Papau New Guinea (PNG)
PNG is considered a remote exotic location on earth, with limitations in terms of resources, supply, monitoring and production, and had been considered an insignificant player in the world of coffee. However, it is in this hidden gem that we started our journey into exotic forests, primitive tribes, and eventually managed to exploit the scarcest and richest natural treasure.
By introducing a stringent level of quality check with zero artificial additives involved , we vow to present our unique blend of high quality exotic coffee to the world.

Original taste of coffee. sipffee
sipffee holding company limited

Hong Kong Headquarters Address: 
Room 1003, 10/F Century Centre, 44-46 Hung To Road, Kwun Tong, Kln. Hong Kong.

Japan Branch Address: 
4F,1-14-22,Akasaka, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka-shi, Fukuoka, Japan

Papau New Guinea Branch Address: 
Port Moresby SEC64 LOT8, Gabaka Street Opposite Hankook Tyres and Daikin. Papua New Guinea (Tropicana)

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 ~ Fresh from Wild ~

Sip Coffee is a lifestyle about re-wild, an attitudes become natural.

We source wild coffee beans from Papua New Guinea,
and supply them to coffee enthusiasts around the globe. 

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