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sipffee Story

ESG coffee

Environmental, Social, and Governance



The global warming's impact and risks of climate change on crop harvests are rapidly expanding, and the resulting problems with land, biodiversity, and human rights are all challenging the global coffee industry. Sipffee pursues the interests of shareholders, but also cares about community operations and environmental friendliness, and continuously promotes the improvement of its social and environmental performance, while increasing transparency and accountability in the process.

  • A blueprint for sustainable ESG development

  • Helping the treatment of farmers and workers in supply chains

  • Product life cycle analysis

  • To reduce waste and emissions operations

  • Ensure that we are not only responsible to shareholders, but seek common interests for all stakeholders

  • Strengthen communication with consumers and support consumers’ choices in sustainable consumption life

  • Let a small cup of coffee become a common benefit



  • Land / Ecological conservation

  • Preserve / Restore the natural environment / Protect animals

  • Ensure sustainable harvest of natural crops

  • CO2 saved / Offset

  • Area of ​​land protected

  • Reduce landfill or incineration waste


sipffee in PNG(1)Wonderful Preview

sipffee in PNG(2)Ecosystem

sipffee in PNG(3)Welcome Ceremony

sipffee in PNG(4)Picking Coffee

sipffee in PNG(5) Core Removal

sipffee in PNG(6)Raw Processing

sipffee in PNG(7)Dolphin Encounter

sipffee in PNG(8)VIP Food

sipffee in PNG(9)Washed Process

sipffee in PNG(10)Dry Process

sipffee in PNG(11)Peaberry

sipffee in PNG(12)Manual Weeding

sipffee in PNG(13)Wild Hand Drip

sipffee in PNG  (14) Campfire

sipffee in PNG  (15) Hunting

sipffee in PNG  (16) Hunting 2

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