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Sipffee's approach to ESG
(Environmental, Social and Governance) in coffee:

1. Sustainable sourcing - Sipffee selects coffee beans from rewild area that practice sustainable agriculture, reducing environmental impact.

2. Traceability - They trace beans to origin to verify rewild standards and pay fair prices supporting communities. 

3. Low emissions - Small-batch roasting in local roasteries minimizes transportation emissions vs large centralized plants. Not transport any Pesticide, chemical fertilizers or herbicides.

4. Eco-friendly packaging - Paper bags and compostable cups/lids are used to serve coffee reducing plastic waste.

5. Community investment - Donate medicine and solar lights, A portion of profits supports agricultural training and social programs where coffee is grown. 

6. Fair employment - Sipffee provides competitive wages and benefits for employees. 

7. Diversity and inclusion - Their inclusive company culture empowers staff and engages diverse customer base.

8. Governance transparency - They disclose sourcing policies and annually track ESG goals and progress.

9. Awareness and education - In-store signage and staff share knowledge on sustainability with customers.

10. Continuous improvement - Sipffee regularly reviews practices and sets new targets to minimize footprint over time.

This well-rounded ESG approach helps differentiate their brand as sustainably sourced specialty coffee.

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