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Encourage citizens restore and protect the natural growing environment of coffee and provide habitat for wildlife.

Let citizens understand the origin and growth process of coffee and improve their understanding of sustainable development.

Develop educational resources, plan more diverse interactive experiences, and hold theme lectures or event promotion projects.

Conducting research projects with universities to track the impact of volcanic soil on coffee quality.

Establish a coffee culture experience center.

Introduce traditional handicrafts and cultural projects and protect the unique culture of indigenous peoples.

Organize cultural exchange activities to let more people know about the unique natural and cultural landscapes of volcanic areas.

Encourage employee volunteer teams to participate in local community work and promote exchanges.

Report progress regularly to attract more supporters to pay attention to indigenous issues.

Encourage communities to participate in waste recycling and classification

Develop a waste disposal plan and work with suppliers to find more recycling options.

Cooperate with local farmers to use coffee grounds to feed livestock and poultry to achieve resource reuse.

Develop organic handicrafts using coffee grounds clay as raw materials, such as flower pots, wall paintings, sculptures, etc.

Cooperate with craftsmen to use the color and shape of coffee grounds to make trinkets and jewelry into various shapes such as flowerpots and sculptures.

We look forward to cooperating with you in the future

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