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"Wild Coffee" in Extinction and the World's Agricultural Crisis

This is a "Coffee Alert" from the future! A study released by the Royal Botanic Gardens found that 60% of the global "wild coffee" varieties are facing extinction, including the variety most commonly used to make coffee drinks - Arabica.

Due to ecological threats such as forest area reduction, global climate change, and insect pests, the number of wild Arabica species is expected to be reduced by more than half by the end of the 21st century, which has huge impact on the global coffee industries and coffee farmers.


    ~ Fresh from Wild ~


At the moment, about 85% of the world's Arabica coffee beans are produced in intensive and artificial ways.  Farmers of Sipffee have developed a completely different "semi-forest" model, they will go deep into the forest and collect wild coffee berries instead of plantation. To allow the trees to absorb better nutrients and produces more berries, they will take care of the plants on the edge of the forest, such as pruning trees, thinning canopy and cleaning surrounding plants. 

Sipffee coffee bean is very rare. Since the semi-forest growing model, the berries conditions are different from local farms.  For example the level of ripeness when collection, trees are scattered everywhere in forest, berries are easily blown away by wind or eaten by birds etc. Sipffee undergoes a very strict quality control process to ensure the coffee berries are perfectly ripe with consistency and unity.

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We ship worldwide to coffee enthusiasts around the globe, small orders are welcome.

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